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The Forgotten History. Mammothodus
(the name came to us by combining two words "Mammoth" and "Exodus", which reflects the essence of our game's narrative.)

Survival co-op Board Game set in the Pleistocene world with incredible miniatures. Real Challenge for 1-4 players.

At the dawn of mankind, when humans were still weak and could not yet successfully fight the ever-present hunger and cold, there had already existed on Earth a mighty and ancient civilization. And, for a long time already, it had been ruling the world. The first humans called them "the Ancients". Their power was based on magic and highly advanced technology. Centuries later, when men became as strong as the ancients, they decided to take power into their own hands! Mount Kiheileh was the place where the final battle between the humans and the Ancients took place. The stone blocks near it are said to be the petrified remnant of the Ancients, the last defenders of the Portal. We can only wonder if some of them managed to escape to the other side, where they hoped to regain their power and find peace.

The Game Mechanics

Each player takes control of one or more clans of the Ancients and try to leave this world.

It is a cooperative game and all players win or lose together. Each player controls one or more clans of Ancients.

In the game you have to establish a portal to another world by collecting "shards of power" scattered all over the playing field. If you collect the right combination in the right place, the players can activate the "place of power".

When four "places of power" in the central territory are activated, a portal will open. This must be done before humans can invade these lands, and before any clan is exterminated or degenerates into an animal state.

Places of power attract evil spirits that are even more dangerous than the human tribes.

Players take turns, and each turn is passed clockwise. Each player's turn is then divided into two phases: the Human Phase and the Ancients' Phase.

Each Ancient clan in the game has a deck of cards with the following basic actions: Attack, Movement, Population, and Development. In the game, the clans can receive both harmful cards and useful cards with into their decks with certain unique or strong effects.

Over the course of the game, the clans of the Ancients and the human tribes will change several generations. Clan numbers and abilities will also change from generation to generation. The humans, on the other hand, will grow stronger with each new generation.

Game Board
It is divided into 21 territories. Each territory has its own landscape type - highlighted in color (important for activating the Ancients, the tribes of humans and the places of power)- and belonging to the region of "North", "West", "East" and "South" - indicated by a letter on the image of the stone. In addition, the territories are separated from each other by mountain ranges. The central area does not belong to any territory. The outermost territories are marked with human trails: the ones already open at the beginning of the game and places where they can be opened during the game.

Mammothodus World

The Pleistocene age is associated with great changes. It is the time when the Ancients lost the upper hand in controlling the world, and humans became stronger!

It is now the humans world, and the Ancients, with their fading magic are destined for extinction and oblivion.

The Mammoths

These are mighty creatures with huge tusks and inexhaustible wisdom. They are ancient guardians of peace, order, wisdom and knowledge. They protect this world from danger, and now, the moment came for them to unite the clans in the face of the new threat.

The Wooly Rhinos

Like everything in the ancient world, the woolly rhinoceros clan had a purpose. The rough, stubborn creatures were among the first to master the art of blacksmithing, and they made considerable progress in it. In the times of need, they answered the call and joined the Alliance of the Ancients.

The Bisons

These are large nomadic creatures living on the green plains. Being freedom-loving travelers for centuries, the bisons had led a mobile lifestyle. With the arrival of the humans, everything changed forever, they settled down and accepted the challenge of their new reality.

The Saber-toothed Cats

Cunning and crafty, they always try to get the upper hand over the Mammoths. After the arrival of the humans, they aligned themselves with the Ancients to fight back against their new enemies.

Greedy and selfish, the humans, driven by spirits, began to conquer this world.

The Spirits
These were born out of human passions,hidden vices and suppressed desires. They began to patronize the humans in pursuit of all of their dark and cruel goals. The cruel games of the Spirit of the Wind can become a real disaster for all living beings caught in its path.

The Spirit of the Progenitors
Born out of the eternal fear of death and the eternal desire of humans to subjugate it, the Spirit of the Progenitors has found a connection with the world of the dead. The power to bring the dead back to life gives it unprecedented power, but at the same time requires huge expenditures of energy. That is why it, more than all the other spirits, needs human sacrifice. It is a dictator of human vices, and can find a way to everyone's secret fear.

The Spirit of the Earth
Out of the insatiable desire to subjugate nature, to change the course of rivers, and to destroy mountains, the Spirit of the Earth was born. Hungry and greedy, it forces humans to pursue profit and gold. With no disdain for treachery and with a mean stab in the back, sparing neither themselves nor others, humans extract wealth for the glory of the Spirit of the Earth. However, sacrifices made to it cannot satisfy its hunger. Again and again it demands gifts: more and more gold, more and more blood, etc.

The Spirit of the Wind
The Spirit of the Wind was born out of the humans' desire to destroy. He patronizes humans by filling their souls with rage. He comes to warriors before battle, those who are battered and silent in a moment of despair, and those who are frightened in a moment of fear. Under his influence, blinded by emotion people commit reckless, terrible acts, which in the aftermath, they cannot explain. Just as you cannot stop a hurricane, so you cannot control the Spirit of the Wind. He can only be worshiped,nothing else.

Taiga clans

New clans join the fight! From the deep thicket came those who were the first to experience the horrors of human aggression and the depletion of magic. And now these people from the dark forests are ready to claim their rights to the last hope of the civilization of the Ancients.

The fragile alliance of the Ancients fell apart with the arrival of the Taiga clans and now everyone has to survive alone!

Cave bear

Gloomy warriors who from time immemorial observed their main principle: do not touch me and I will not touch you. When the confrontation with the People began, who had lost almost all their magic, expelled from their native lands, the lone Bears took an extreme step: they rallied into a single, unprecedented alliance against the two-legged. And now they are preparing to strike a blow of great power, a blow with a force of hundreds of bear paws

A clan that has always kept aloof from the political life of the Ancients. The Chuchunа clan was not greedy for power, they were always interested only in magic and devoted their whole life to this, honing their magic skills.
But when the magic began to fade, the Chuchunа clan did not immediately understand what kind of threat loomed over them. Unprepared for life in a state of war, in the early years of Chuchunа, they suffered terrible losses. They are practically extinct. Now there are very few of them left, but thanks to their skill, they retained the most magic. And the remaining handful of Chuchunа's warriors are worth a whole army of representatives of other clans.

Great horn

There is no clan in the forest thicket more sensitive and discerning than the Big Horned Deer Clan. The warriors of this clan - poets and storytellers - compose sagas about their battles, glorifying victories and mourning losses. A good name and memory for posterity are the main values for these warriors. To envelop their clan with eternal glory, the Deer warriors are ready to make any sacrifices, they are not afraid even of unequal battles.

Dire wolf

Compared to other species, Wolves are smaller and weaker than all. Wiry, short, they cannot be compared in power with either the Bears, or the Deer, or the Chuchuna. But there is no clan in the forests more dangerous than the Wolf Clan, because the strength of the wolf is the strength of the pack. In dark, identical shadows, they will come out of the dense forest and stand shoulder to shoulder, as if turning into a single organism. Tens and hundreds of Wolves will move towards the enemy as one. There is no greater valor for them than to cover up their brother, and there is no greater shame than leaving their fellow tribesmen in battle.

Our Team
Our team came together not at once. In the beginning there were two, then three, and now there are a whole bunch of people who like to play and create)
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